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  • Celebrating our partnership with Mother’s Choice in completing our 2018 pilot Light The Fire Community Outreach program!

Exactly one year ago on 2018 May 7, we launched a program called LIGHT THE FIRE that followed the framework and governance of ICF Foundation’s IGNITE with our local partnering organization Mother’s Choice. This program supports the UN2030 Sustainable Development Goal number 5 - Gender Equality.

One year on, on 2019 May 8, we celebrated the success of this LIGHT THE FIRE pilot program and received the “ICF Foundation Award” from ICF Global for our 2018 initiatives and officially launched our 2019 Community Outreach programs which includes LIGHT THE FIRE second wave with Mother’s Choice and the official IGNITE program with the Nesbitt Centre.



For us, IGNITE and LIGHT THE FIRE are inseparable.  We thank all the leaders from Mother’s Choice, Alia Eyres, Rebecca Brosnan and Susanna Yau for their tireless support throughout the project.  Alia Eyres, the CEO of Mother’s Choice said “When you invest in the life of a world changer, you are the ones who change the world.”  Since Mother’s Choice is one of the oldest local charities serving the many children without families and pregnant teenagers in Hong Kong, we were very enthusiastic by the perspective to further continue the journey with a second wave this year.

Susanna Yau, HRD of Mother’s Choice, expressed her gratitude during the celebration event:

“From September 2018 to April 2019, ten ICF coaches donated 8 months of their time to coach Mother’s Choice leaders through the ICF Ignite & Light the Fire programs.


This investment of time into the team was a highly significant gift for Mother’s Choice.”

The ICF Hong Kong Board recognizes the unique challenges of working in the social sector, where staff face complex and heart-breaking situations each day, and where professional learning and development is often limited.

Susanna acknowledged “This coaching experience has encouraged vulnerability, strengthened relationships, and united our team. ICF coaches have donated their talents and experiences to bring out the hope and courage that each of our staff needs to achieve our vision to see Every Child in a Loving Family.”

The ICFHK Community Outreach wants to thank all the coaches who have applied to join our initiative and shown such enthusiasm to volunteer last year and this year. Special thank you to the ICF Hong Kong members below for your hard work, collectively donated over 100+ hours of coaching as well as supervision hours and monthly coordination calls within our LIGHT THE FIRE program with Mother’s Choice.

Daniel Hutchinson

Hend Lemenager

Maple Yip

Nikitta Chau

Bernard Kuhl

Esther Chung

Salina Chan

Cherry Lee

Steve Lawrence

Terence Lam

We also like to take this opportunity as well to especially thank our members Daniel Hutchinson and Christophe Bringuier for having brought respectively Mother’s Choice and the Nesbitt Centre leaders to partner with us. Thanks to the trust and respect they built in their relationships with the leaders in those two organisations, we are able to propose our strong framework to accompany them in their leadership development journey.

We would also like to thank Joanna Chin especially and the steering committee of the community outreach initiatives (*) for co-creating last year’s legal and governance framework that we now use for both LIGHT THE FIRE and IGNITE programs. (* this year, the Steering Committee members are: Hend Lemenager, Maple Yip, Nikitta Chau and Rebecca Tang).  We also thank both Daniel and Hend for co-leading our 2018 pilot, Satoko Gibbs for providing pro-bono supervision sessions to support our volunteer coaches, who together made this a huge success and where we all learned and fine-tuned the way ICFHK lead those initiatives.

We have also announced on the day that Mother’s Choice will once again partner with us on a second round of LIGHT THE FIRE program where thanks to our members keen participation, we have received 17 applications. 

Leveraging on all the learnings from the pilot program above, we are able to kick start much faster this year.  Once the Community Outreach Committee Team finish reviewing with the leaders of Mother’s Choice and the Nesbitt Centre their coaching needs, they will start the interviews of the new volunteers and begin pairing volunteer coach to the partnering organization coachees. 

All in all, it will be a busy and fulfilling summer for all parties involved and please look forward to more exciting news from our Community Outreach in the months coming up!




  • Community Outreach July Updates: Our pilot IGNITE program and Light The Fire Wave Two is on the way!

At the end of 2018, with the success of the Light The fire pilot program well on its way, Christophe Bringuier, who is a valued member of ICF Hong Kong, brought to our attention a very worthwhile NGO organization potentially as our first IGNITE program, a global pro-bono coaching initiative by ICF Foundations.  We managed to engage and forged a coaching partnership with the Nesbitt Centre as our pilot program for IGNITE.

On the official launch date of IGNITE program on 2019 May 8th, Surinder Punjya, ED of The Nesbitt Centre, made a speech regarding his organization and their vision for “A society where people with disabilities have the same opportunities to develop and use their talents and skills as all other people”

We were grateful for his inspirational speech as it touched many of us in the room.

We have since received 20+ volunteer coaches’ applications for our community outreach projects and and thank you to you who are so enthusiastic in offering your time to support our worthwhile cause.  We confirm that Lalita Ramen will be the 2019 IGNITE program manager.  The coaches are selected and Lalita will be meeting with Surinder and their HRD to understand the coaching needs.

The process of pairing volunteer coaches to our coachees in both IGNITE and Light The Fire programs have also started.

We are all looking forward to ignite social progress for the rest of the year and feeling very excited and thankful for all the volunteers coaches who put up their hands to volunteer for such meaningful cause.


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