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Welcome to ICF Hong Kong

We are the Hong Kong chapter of the International Coach Federation, the global support network for professional coaches working in business coaching, life coaching, executive coaching, leadership and many other coaching specialistations.

Our mission is to advance the art, science and practice of what we do and represent the highest quality in professional coaching through high standards, independent certifcation and building a worldwide network of credentialed coaches.

We currently represent more than 250 coaches throughout Hong Kong and are a part of ICF's worldwide network of over 35,000 coaches.



Our Vision for 2019

ICF Hong Kong’s goal for 2019 is to be:

"A leader in advancing the excellence of the coaching profession in Hong Kong and helping it reach the highest standards and values as defined by ICF Global."



Upcoming Events



ICF Hong Kong is hosting a series of group supervision tasters to help coaches experience and understand how coaching supervision can help improve their coaching.
Event Dates:
  • 28 Mar - lunch (12:30pm - 2pm)  
  • 12 Apr - lunch (12:30pm - 2pm)
  • 23 May - evening (6:30pm - 8pm)
  • 13 Jun - evening (6:30pm - 8pm)

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