Newsletter – June 2024

As we reach the halfway mark of the year, I’m positively bursting with gratitude and excitement! The dedication and commitment of our vibrant member community has been nothing short of instrumental in achieving our milestones and fostering connections that truly make this chapter shine.

Victor Frankl had it right – between every stimulus and response, there’s a space where we find our freedom. And boy, have we been making the most of that freedom! As a Board Member, each of us has chosen to be curious, to ask how we can best serve our members. And you, our beloved members, have responded with enthusiasm, engagement, and a whole lot of pizazz. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I still remember my first ICF Hong Kong session – the topic was “Demonstrating an Ethical Practice.” Dry as a desert, right? But lo and behold, it was a veritable oasis of connection, sharing, and learning. That feeling of belonging has never left me. In fact, it inspired me to not just join, but to put my hand up and serve on the Board. Let me tell you, the screening process and interviews were no walk in the park, but the dedication and commitment required have only made me more determined to keep this chapter thriving.

And thrive we shall, my friends! Each and every one of you is an integral part of what makes the ICF Hong Kong Chapter truly special. Our coaching community, filled with world-class leaders and professionals like yourselves, is elevating the global standard of coaching. Here, we prove that coaches don’t have to navigate their journey alone – you belong here. Just like I did, you can find your anchor, your tribe, and your wellspring of inspiration.

Speaking of inspiration, have you been keeping up with our jam-packed calendar of events? From the Practice Makes Perfect series to the Thought Leadership extravaganzas, the Coach’s Tool Box sessions, and our ever-popular member engagements, there’s something to keep even the most insatiable learner engaged. As the wise Dr. Haesan Moon once said, “We live in conversations.” And, my friends, we are dwelling in some truly magnificent ones here at ICF Hong Kong.

Now, let’s talk about those pesky dreams and goals, shall we? As Olympian Alexi Pappas so eloquently shared, it’s all about keeping that balance – feeling good a third of the time, feeling just “okay” another third, and downright “crummy” for the final third. But you know what they say, “If you’re feeling bad all the time, it’s a sign of fatigue. And if you’re feeling good all the time, well, you’re probably not working hard enough!” So, let’s keep on keeping on, my fellow coaches, and know that we’re doing just fine.

As for me, I have learned so much from the collective wisdom and experiences shared within this group. The discussions, the resources, the insights – they’ve all left me feeling inspired and empowered. It’s truly a rare and precious gift to find a space where people come together so genuinely to lift each other up. I am honored to have been a part of it.

Now, the time has come for me to bid you all a fond farewell as I embark on a new adventure, relocating from my Hong Kong home of the last 12 years. But as the timeless lyrics of Dame Vera Lynn remind us, “We’ll meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when, but I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.” So, keep on smiling through, just like you always do, and know that I’ll be cheering you on from afar.

Wishing you all the best, my dear ICF Hong Kong family!

Arunanjali (Anu) Maria
Professional Development, ICF HK Board

ICF Credentialing Exam Tutorial

Join Our Panel Discussion with ICF members who have successfully cleared the exam. The exam as per ICF is a tool designed to measure a coach’s knowledge of and ability to apply the ICF definition of coaching, the updated ICF Core Competencies, and the ICF Code of Ethics against a predetermined standard. As fellow coaches dedicated to continuous growth and development, we would like to invite you join the Panel Discussion. During these sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to learn the preparation need to take the exam, how to approach the exam questions, format of the exam and other questions that you want answered about the exam experience. Our aim is to create an atmosphere where learning is not only informative but also meaningful and valuable.Join us as we come together to elevate our coaching practices and make a positive impact on our clients’ lives. Together, we can grow and enhance our ability to serve.

Date: June 6th, 2024
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm
Platform: Zoom
Fees: Free for members, HKD 250 for non members

1.5 valuable Resource Development CCE to take your coaching expertise to the next level.

Speaker Lineup include Renee Conklin, Rita Tsui, Terry Pan and Philbert Chin

Join us for this engaging and enlightening session with our credentialed coaches. Their experience and passion to share will undoubtedly enrich your coaching journey.

Another Ignite project Kick-off Meet!

We are excited to announce ICF HK Social Impact partnership with One Sky, another new initiative under the ICF Foundation – Ignite Project. Led by Coach Magdalene Wong, an ICF HK member, who has stepped up to lead this initiative demonstrating how our members are actively nominating NGOs and getting involved in impactful projects.

One Sky is an NGO dedicated to strengthening early childhood development for Asia’s vulnerable young children across China, Mongolia, Vietnam and at the OneSky Global center in Hong Kong. Since its establishment in 1998, OneSky has trained over 75,000 caregivers and reached over 283,000 children.

We are deeply grateful to all the volunteer coaches who have committed their time and expertise to this initiative. With the valuable support of our ICF HK Social Impact Directors, Mehroo and Shiela, we are confident these coaches will have a truly rewarding coaching experience.

About Ignite:
Through pro bono coaching projects, the Ignite Initiative uses the collective power of ICF Chapters to accelerate the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. Since its launch in 2017, the specific focus is on Goal #4: Education – ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all.

For other volunteer coaching opportunities in the future, please register

🍻 Join us for the ICF Hong Kong Summer Social! 🎉

You’re cordially invited to our upcoming ICF Hong Kong Summer Social, happening on June 14 from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM at The Pottinger Hotel. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with fellow coaching professionals in Hong Kong, share insights, and expand your coaching community.

Join us for an evening of mingling, where you can enjoy light refreshments, drinks, and ample time for networking. Whether you’re a seasoned coach or just starting your journey, this event is a fantastic way to meet new people, build relationships, and learn more about ICF and the local coaching scene.

Date: June 14, 2024
Time: 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Venue: Huso, Lobby Level of The Pottinger Hotel

No entry fee is required – simply pay for your own drinks and come prepared for an evening of meaningful connections.

Don’t miss out on this chance to grow your network and connect with some of the ICF Hong Kong board members. Mark your calendars for June 14. Booking link opens on 4 June.

We look forward to seeing you there! 🎈 🎉 🎊

ICF HK – HK MOMTREPRENEURS celebrate a successful partnership under the ICF Ignite initiative!

ICF Hong Kong and HK Momtrepreneurs recently gathered to celebrate their impactful ICF Ignite Partnership. The celebratory meetup, hosted by HKM, was a chance for coaches, coachees and board members to reflect on the impact of this collaborative initiative.

Over the past six months, our credentialed ICF HK coaches worked along with the HKM team through one-on-one coaching sessions, led by Lead Coach Mitalee Sharma, former engineer, people enabler with 12 years of experience, who expertly guided and coordinated this huge effort on behalf of our chapter. “We were not very ready at the start, but I understood the value of coaching as we went along,” shared Lena Wong, Founder of HK Momtrepreneurs. When asked what difference she saw between coaching and mentoring she said “Mentoring is like dating and coaching is like a marriage, it has more structure, a purpose and an underlying trust.” During the celebratory event, our coachees shared their positive feedback on the pairing process and the coaching experience using the words “calm” “peaceful” and “positive.”

We are very thankful to HKM and team for this partnership, to all volunteer coaches and to our Mitalee Sharma for her leadership and support through this project. Thank you to Kathleen Lihanda and Kenneth Chai of the ICF Ignite team for their support in the partnership.

For more information about ICF Hong Kong and future coaching initiatives, please visit To volunteer as a coach or Lead coach on our future projects please sign up here.

Coach’s Tool Box Series

This event, hosted by Arunanjali and featuring Cristina Rodenbeck, a seasoned mindful leadership coach, provided a platform to showcase expertise, share best practices, and engage in peer-to-peer learning.Cristina shared insights on the SCARF Model, Level of Focus, and The Iceberg Model, enhancing coaching practices and positively impacting clients’ lives.

Igniting Change
Last month marked a pivotal moment as ICF HK and JUST FEEL convened for the kick-off meeting under ICF Ignite. Elizabeth Wong as Lead Coach and Shiela M. Cancino, and Mehroo Turel from ICFHK led this transformative partnership focused on Compassionate Communication and Social Emotional Learning.
Coaching Supervision
A morning of growth and insight was organized by Mehroo Turel, filled with learning and camaraderie. Mathilde Poirieux, an Accredited Coaching Supervisor, guided us, enhancing our coaching practices. Thank you all for your active participation!
🌟 CCEU ICF Core Competencies 3&4 🌟
🎉 We were thrilled to see many passionate coaches in attendance, and the palpable energy fueled our interactive and practice-focused sessions on ICF Core Competencies 3 & 4 hosted by Patrick Mak.
Join us at ICF HK Social Media Groups

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