Newsletter – May 2024

Dear ICF HK members, 

As coaches, we thrive on supporting clients’ personal transformations and providing space for them to reach their “aha”-moments that light up their world! While these experiences are what motivate us, we also want to have support systems that make our coaching practices more impactful and more sustainable. That is why ICF HK exists. We are here to be the supportive community of like-minded coaches who can share our collective knowledge, help each other along our coaching journeys, and form a volunteer organization that empowers us to be the best coaches we can be. Welcome to ICF HK, and we look forward to serving you, our fellow ICF HK Members! 

Because ICF HK is the local chapter of the global organization International Coaching Federation, we’d like to highlight some well-received services from both the global and the local perspectives. ICF or International Coaching Federation was founded in 1995. As the leading global coaching organization, ICF has over 61,000 members worldwide, including over 51,000 credentialled coaches with ACC (27k), PCC (22k), and MCC (2k) certifications. ICF is the largest global coaching organization with over 140 chapters across 100 countries and territories. ICF is continuously improving membership experiences, which includes the latest launch of members-only platform ENGAGE on April 24th, 2024. Here are just some of the benefits you can access via ENGAGE: connect with the 61,000 members worlacdwide; joining various communities such as Executive and Leadership Coaching or Coaching Science; review global events such as International Coaching Week or ENGAGE virtual Guided Tour; access to member-only resources like free website for your coaching business; and a database of useful documents like sample coaching agreements, marketing flyers, or member benefits. Go ahead and have a click: you can use the same log-in to ICF website to

ICF HK was created in 2010 and currently serve over 570 members who reside mostly in Hong Kong or mainland China. To better support your development, we will host monthly events: on May 2nd, we had a Coach Supervision session to improve your coaching competency. After all, even the best grand piano will need fine-tuning from time to time! In addition, we’ll have a Mandarin CCE hour on May 14th to further our continued education in a local language. We also plan to invite current coaching practitioners to share their coaching tools with the wider community on May 22nd. Please see details in the newsletter, or you can access our HK Chapter website for the latest lineup for you!

Coaching is exciting and inspirational. ICF HK is your local community that can be there with you on this transformational journey. By sharing your inquiries and connecting with others who also want to make the world a better place, we hope you will have a meaningful membership experience. You are not alone, and we can walk together to unleash your clients’ and your own incredible potential.

Open yourself to new learning and experiences. Join the global coaching community from May 13 – 19, 2024 to celebrate the power and impact of professional coaching during International Coaching Week.

Thank you for transforming the world, and welcome to ICF HK!

Best regards,
Wu Yue
Hon Secretary, ICF HK Board

🚀Join Our Coach’s Tool Box Series:
Elevate Your Coaching Practice!🚀

Join fellow coaches for an enriching learning experience in our Coach’s Tool Box series! In line with the International Coaching Federation’s standards for ongoing learning, this series offers a platform to showcase expertise, share best practices, and engage in peer-to-peer learning.

Host: Arun Maria, ICF HK Board Member
Speaker: Cristina Rodenbeck, Seasoned Mindful Leadership Coach
📅 Date: May 22
🕒 Time: 7:00-8:30 pm
📍 Platform: Zoom
💰 Fees: HKD 100 for members, HKD 250 for non-members

🌟 What You’ll Get:

  • 1.5 valuable CCE credits for Resources Development and take your coaching expertise to the next level.
  • Explore new tools, techniques, and methodologies in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
  • Learn from Cristina about the SCARF Model, Level of Focus, and The Iceberg Model.
  • Enhance your coaching practice and make a positive impact on your clients’ lives.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to expand your toolbox and elevate your coaching journey! Join us and unlock your coaching potential.

Master our ICF competencies #3 and #4

Establishes and Maintains Agreements and Cultivates Trust and Safety – Fundamentals of Coaching competencies.
Let us use the opportunity to learn and practice these skills together in a safe environment.

How do we ? Establish agreements for the overall coaching engagement as well as those for each coaching session. Also create a safe, supportive environment that allows the client to share freely. Maintain a relationship of mutual respect and trust.
Understand and Consistently Apply : Establish and Maintain Agreement and also Cultivate Trust & Safety.

Sessions to be held in Mandarin

🔹 1.5 valuable CCE credits for Core Competencies and take your coaching expertise to the next level.

🔹 Fees: Complimentary for ICF members; Non-members fee: $100
⏰ Time: 8:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. HKT, Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your growth, connect with a supportive community, and enhance your coaching effectiveness.

🚀Coaching Supervision🤖

Mehroo Turel organized an enriching morning of learning and camaraderie, led by Accredited Coaching Supervisor Mathilde Poirieux, where we explored coaching supervision, delved into its nuances, and uncovered its invaluable benefits, enhancing our coaching practices in a memorable session.

🌟 CCEU ICF Core Competencies 3&4 🌟

🎉 We were thrilled to see 18 passionate coaches in attendance, and the palpable energy fueled our interactive and practice-focused sessions on ICF Core Competencies 3 & 4 hosted by Arunanjali Maria and Nigel Raymont.

🌟 Upgraded One-Stop-Shop for ICF Members 🚀
Discover the enhanced International Coach Federation (ICF) platform, your ultimate One-Stop-Shop for all things ICF, offering seamless access to communities, a comprehensive resource library, and volunteer opportunities, with live Virtual Tours on April 30th or May 7th to fully explore its potential.
Congratulations to our coaches reaching their milestones
Join us at ICF HK Social Media Groups
To better connect with our members, we created two social chat groups: WhatsApp (link as below) and WeChat (name: ICFhongkong, QR code as shown on the right). Welcome to click the link or scan the QR code to join the social communities. If you have any questions on WhatsApp or WeChat groups, please contact us at

Building on the momentum of growing our community of coaches and increasing our presence and visibility across channels, ICF HK invites you to follow us on Instagram where you can stay updated on the trending news on coaching and leadership development. Tag us at @icfhongkong if you have anything valuable to share!

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