🌟 Unlocking the Power of Relational Mindfulness in Coaching 🌟

At the ICF HK’s first Happy Hour session in 2023 tonight, we experienced a profoundly enriching relational mindfulness session with Genevieve Heng 💙 (she/her) and Brian Henderson (he/him). The session left us with a renewed sense of presence and a deeper understanding of the transformative potential of mindfulness in coaching.

Genevieve shared with us six invaluable guidelines for cultivating relationship mindfulness: pause, relax, open, emerge, listen deeply, and speak the truth. These principles serve as pillars to enhance our awareness of the present moment, allowing us to forge authentic connections and facilitate meaningful growth.

In our mindful dialogue, we had the opportunity to embrace the power of pause and relaxation. We consciously directed our attention to pausing and returning to our bodies, exploring the profound impact of relaxation on our connection with others. Through this practice, we discovered that by focusing on ourselves and attaining a state of ease, we could truly listen and be present for our clients.
During the dialogue, we observed the practice of one person speaking, pausing, and going very slow, while the other person listened without any set agenda or need to immediately respond. This intentional exchange fostered unintentional empathy and created a safe space for deep exploration and understanding.

As we reflect on how to apply relational mindfulness to our coaching practice, the insights shared during the session resonated deeply:
💡”Empathy opens up new opportunities and platforms during coaching, enabling profound breakthroughs.”
💡”Integrating three minutes of pause and relaxation into the coaching process, when appropriate, can create transformative spaces for reflection and growth.”
💡”Pausing is akin to the gaps in music, creating new possibilities and avenues for exploration. ”
💡”We are encouraged to let go and simply be there for our clients, immersing ourselves in the present moment.”

Let’s embrace the power of relational mindfulness in coaching, unlocking its potential to create lasting impact and meaningful transformations.

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