🌟 Core Competency 5: Maintain Presence 🌟

At ICF Hong Kong, continuous learning is at the heart of our coach community’s growth to better serve our clients. On 26th July, a group of passionate coaches gathered to practice ICF Core Competency 5: Maintain Presence, exploring its impact and significance in coaching interactions.

We delved into how this competency looks when demonstrated effectively and how its absence can be felt. Moreover, we examined how our own ‘Presence’ influences our counterpart’s presence during coaching sessions.

Through engaging discussions, we explored techniques to stay ‘Present’ even in challenging coaching situations. The session proved to be a valuable learning experience for all, fostering growth and mastery.

Special thanks to everyone who joined and actively participated in the event, and a shoutout to our hosts, Angela Lee and Arunanjali Maria. Together, we continue to enhance our coaching skills and make a positive impact on our clients’ journeys. 🤝✨

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