December 2020

A Message from Mathilde:

Dear Chapter members and friends,
What a year we’ve had! What a journey it has been! As we wrap up the year, I would like to close with a few words acknowledging the people who have worked very hard for our community.

As professional coaches, we are used to change and the call to support people going through change. This year has brought unprecedented challenges to all of us. It has challenged us how to work remotely, how to cope with homeschooling, how to take care of our health, how to understand global development, and how to plan for a different future. We have learnt to empathise, grow our resilience, and show patience at home and at work.  In the midst of all these challenges, the word GRATEFULNESS comes to mind:

…gratefulness for being alive;
…gratefulness for belonging to a profession that supports people with growth;
…gratefulness for belonging to a wonderful community in Hong Kong to whom our friends, families, and workplaces belong.

When I look at our Chapter, I am grateful that we share the energy, passion, and commitment with a common desire to raise the standard of professional coaching in Hong Kong! Change is a process, but without our volunteer leaders’ contributions, including the Asia-Pacific ICF Regional Team leaders, nothing would be achieved! So thank you for your fellowship and camaraderie for this cause.

I want to thank the 2020 ICF Hong Kong Board for their commitment towards the Chapter – Chris Chan, Salina Chan, Helen Tse, Genevieve Jame, Lola Chetti, Don van de Pol, and Bernard Kuhl. You have given so much of your precious time and energy to take care of our Chapter and make 2020 a successful year. It has been a journey fostered with respect and collaboration, bound by a shared goal. We have learned so much from each other. I also want to thank Helen Tse, who leaves the Board after serving for three years. Over the years, her participation has seen her lead areas in membership, corporate outreach, and community outreach. What a legacy she leaves behind for the new Board to work with. Thank you!

To our Hong Kong Chapter members – despite not seeing you in person, we have managed to engage with one another (thanks to technology!) For those who joined us this year, renewed a credential, joined a webinar, or volunteered in an Experience Coaching program as a project leader, volunteer, or supervisor, – thank you for making this extraordinary year possible.

To our partnering organisations – The Asian HR Association, The Women’s Foundation, Mother’s Choice, The Nesbitt Center, HKUST, and to all our contributing speakers, from all over the world, who provided outstanding content for us. A HUGE THANK YOU for your partnership! May 2021 bring more opportunities for us to collaborate.

Thank all those who applied to join the Chapter Board. Your nomination and spirit are so important to our Chapter’s life. Thank you for stepping forward!

Lastly, I want to congratulate and thank the four new Board members who will be joining us in 2021. Thank you for your service and for lending us your expertise to build and grow our Chapter in 2021. I look forward to working with you all soon!
I am excited that together, we bridge the gaps to bring ICF coaches closer to the broader community in Hong Kong. The work to strengthen this bridge continues in 2021 – and we will need the contributions and talent of all our members! I look forward to collaborating with you again in the new year.

I would also like to relay the invitation to our joint online event to “appreciate and impact together” this coming Tuesday (22 Dec) from 6 pm. Please click the following link to find out more about the event and how to register:
Think Broader Joint Online Gathering

For now, let’s take a good rest and appreciate our blessings. I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful Christmas and a luminous start to 2021.

Warm regards,
Mathilde Poirieux
ICF Hong Kong Chapter President
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